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The prevalence rate of hearing loss among Singaporeans between the ages of 18 to 69 is 26.5% for a mild hearing loss and 9.7% for a moderate hearing loss
— National Health Survey, 2010
Approximately 15% of the world’s adult population has some degree of hearing loss; Nearly one third of people aged above 65 are affected by disabling hearing loss
— World health organization (WHO), 2012
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Hearing Loss

Answer your questions about Hearing Loss and find out about prevention and treatment options in our clinic in Singapore. Find out about our services here
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Hearing Improvement

Browse suitable hearing device solutions based on your needs and professional advice from our Audiologists
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Hearing Protection

Protect yourself from noise induced hearing loss and find out how to prevent it with suitable devices
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Treating Hearing Loss will improve your Social, Physical and Mental health


Hearing Solutions Clinic in Singapore

The impact of hearing loss can be hard-hitting. Our specialists understand the difficulties presented by hearing conditions, and with comprehensive treatments available in our clinic, you can regain confidence and control. The audiologists at MyEar Singapore can give you the hearing solutions you need to pursue your best life. We are more than just clinicians: We are advocates of hearing health in Singapore.

From diagnostics, to rehabilitation and preventative advice, we have everything you need to manage and improve your hearing health. With an individualised approach to treatment, we can pinpoint the perfect product or service that suits your needs. We offer unrivalled support in guiding you through the process and making sure you receive the help you need.

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