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Our audiologists make sure all our patients feel welcome, safe, and cared for. We offer a wide range of services, from advanced diagnostics supporting ENTs as well as rehabilitation support. We carry a large array of hearing device solutions from a variety of brands, to suit each person's individual lifestyle and needs. As passionate advocates of hearing health, we also carry outreach programs to promote hearing related issues among the community.


Hearing Diagnostics

We offer the full range of hearing diagnostics test battery which includes pure tone audiometry, immitence testing (tympanometry and acoustic reflexes), otoacoustic emissions, speech discrimination testing and eustachian tube dysfunction tests.


Hearing Rehabilitation

Being treated for hearing loss does not simply end with being fitted with devices. It is a long term journey, which includes important follow up sessions with your clinician. This will ensure that you are consistenly deriving the full benefit from the devices, with measurable improvements.


Hearing Screening Community Outreach

Being passionate about hearing health, we strive to increase the awareness of hearing loss, prevention and treatment. We provide screenings at senior activity centres and homes as part of our outreach efforts. We also give hearing awareness talks to the community, with the aim of empowering people with knowledge.